Every year, the New York Chapter of CISV has the opportunity to send young people to programs around the world, mostly via summer programs.

CISV in New York

  • Operating since 1977
  • Fully operated by volunteers
  • Over 200 members and families
  • Members from NYC and the five boroughs, Westchester County, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and beyond


  • Founded in 1950, hosted the first-ever CISV Village in 1951
  • Supports chapters and steering committees in 23 communities nationwide
  • Visit for more information about CISV across the nation

CISV International

  • Global headquarters in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
  • Over 150,000 people have participated in CISV activities since 1951 from over 100 countries
  • In 1999, 7,286 participants from 59 countries joined CISV programs
  • 50,000 members worldwide in almost 200 local chapters
  • 69 active member nations
  • Visit for more information about CISV International