16-17 years old (must be 16 by the start of program)
Male JC: SPAIN (Barcelona) 06/29/18 – 07/26/18

Female JC: GUATEMALA (Guatemala City) 12/27/18 – 01/23/19
Please note that this is winter camp

Program chair email:  jcNY@cisvusa.org

About Our Junior Counselors
At 16 or 17 years of age, Junior Counselors are able to relate to both children and the adults and to act as a link between them during a CISV Village. In the Village, the JCs are an important part of leaders’ group, performing specific duties and contributing to the planning and operation of the daily activities. JCs participate in leaders’ meetings and lead activities, just like any delegation leader would participate.

The JCs also have the ability to serve as the bridge between the delegates and the adults. All the children need to feel liked and loved by the JCs, who appear like older sisters and brothers.

Being a JC can be one of CISV’s most rewarding experiences.

* Many CISV leadership positions are gender specific because CISV aims to keep a balance of genders in each program. When our chapter receives invitations to various programs, the gender of the leadership position is predetermined.